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6 natural Beauty tips for glowing skin and don’t miss the 5th tip

Everyone loves Glowing skin
How lovely if it is when you can do with the things available in your kitchen
let us get started!!!

1. Tip for pimples.
Neem leaves ..10
Thulasi leaves…10
Mint (pudina)leaves ..10
Pinch of turmeric.
Add all these ingredients and make a fine paste ,apply on the face.
wait fo 30 to40 mins and wash your face with cold water .

  1. fair skin tone .

Take some fresh coriander leaves ,add a pinch of turmeric, make a fine paste and apply on face and exposed area of your body .
You will see the result in week to 15 days.

  1. For sun tan on the skin.
    Tomato juice .2 spns.
    Honey………….1 spn
    Turmeric …….1/2spn
    Mix well and apply on affected area .
    You will soon recongnise the change.

  2. For different types of skin allergies due sun tan etc.
    Collect some gingelly oil which is manufactured at home .(In telugu we say Ganuga nune).
    Apply it On the affected part while going to bed .
    Take a bath in the morning with luke warm water .
    It takes some time but slowly such allergies disappear forever.

5 . Remedy for black marks or tan on the face and skin.

fresh papaya juice ..2spn
Honey …….2spn.
Turmeric …1/4spn.
Mix all the above ingredients and apply on your face and affected area . This too helps to remove all rypes of allergies and glow your skin

Note: For the one if turmeric doesn’t suits to your skin ,dont add turmeric instead you add a little bit of besan .

6. Remedy to remove dark circles around your eyes .
Potato juice …1spn
Honey …..1spn
Mix them well and apply around your eyes .Take care while applying this juice ,massage gently for 5 to 10 mins leave it for 30 mins wash your eyes with cold water .
Definitely works

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