Hi,I am Rajpriya, founder of Mompenguin

Super happy seeing you here in Mompenguin 😍
I created this site to be a positive resource for
moms and also to make parenting more Enjoyable.
I am a mom of two lovely daughters, Digital Marketer,
Entrepreneur, blogger.

We moms are already connected to each other by a lovely thread of Mom, Being a mom can be tough sometime,
But together we can sail through
by sharing our experience with each other
You may ask , as there so many names.

why Mompenguin?Penguin is a bird, but long back it forgot the skill of flying
But it is the fastest underwater bird, and keep covering its baby what ever may be weather conditions is till other half arrives
Every women is a beautiful penguin but only very few find what their unique quality is!!!!

There are still lot trying to find the unique penguin in us, which may be buried deep inside and long forgotten by the wave of time
Let us bring back, and together we reach great heights with all your love ❤
Let us flock together.

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Happy writing.

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