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Baby led weaning

Being A mom of twin girls, this post is all about my practical experience on weaning by my twin girls

Weaning is a process of introducing finger foods bypassing puree


Parenting is so easy when the child comes with his/her own instruction manual.

Sounds funny but it’s true . .

Handling an independent kid is not an easy thing and parenting becomes a challenge, unless you are aware of some parenting tips.

An African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.” Means communities can help to raise a child. It’s still true, but now a days the community is very small and sometimes it’s limited to only parents/parent.

A happy and healthy child is not enough but making them independent and responsible irrespective of gender is what we must learn.

Parenting is a continuous learning process and we must learn so many things in a day especially with the toddlers. As a twin toddler mom, my parenting journey is not cake walk and gone through a lot.

This time would like to share what I learn from my twin girls weaning journey.



It starts with weaning, I strictly fix to family meals without salt, sweeteners from day 1 of solids .

I start with vegetables, avoid sweet fruits like bananas to control their sweet tooth in the beginning.

The people around me always feels like I am depriving my kids and some of the comments from people around me are, “They won’t walk as there is no salt in food (they started walking in 10th month) and pinch of salt won’t harm.”

“They won’t gain weight and it’s ok to offer jaggery instead of sugar.”

Many don’t know that sodium naturally exists in all foods and infants till 1 year, don’t need salt. Adding salt to their food, will be an extra burden to their tiny kidneys.

I consider a Sweet in any form (Sugar, Jaggery etc) as a sweet only, and consuming healthy form of sweet (like Jiggery) has very less health advantage over sugar. For me, primary is to avoid processed food and then to limit the consumption of sugars (in any form).

Indians have genetic propensity for diabetes, know about insulin resistance.

Stop giving added sugars, juices, sweets at least in the early years.

Weight is just a number for me provided the baby is active and healthy. Stop considering weight as a health Indicator, it’s just a number. At 8 months baby is chubby, fat, round what not . Don’t compare it with 14 months. It’s good to look leaner. Because till 1 year their physical activity is very less, after baby starts walking, getting mobile and that body fat converted to muscles. Muscle look leaner compared to fat.

They won’t lose weight; the weight gain slows down after one year. That’s it.

After one year , everyone says kids look lean, be happy for that and say yes, they become strong.

Speaking about COMPLEXION & WEIGHT, is nothing less than a crime.

why everyone wants fat kids & skinny adults 😐😐

Most of those fat kids are primed for obesity as per WHO.

Self feeding

I encourage self feeding from Day 1 and strictly no distraction, no force feeding.

I want my kids to fully aware of their hunger, I don’t want them to ignore their body, hunger and their needs.

They must know their satiety signals.

My advice is self-feed or spoon feed, practice responsive feeding without force and distraction.

The distraction like screen time, stories, bribing and black mailing simply rising rate of obesity.

Follow cold turkey, rejections are common, offer same food after an hour or half an hour, don’t pressure them to finish the plate. Respect their hunger.

No need to provide alternatives, at the end of the day it’s a home not a restaurant.

If you force feed , babies avoid food even when they are hungry because you might force them to eat more anyway.

In long time, child ignores their satiety signals, which leads to over eating and lifestyle illnesses.

If your child is used to distraction or force feeding, give them 2 weeks, give the same time to yourself also.

Let them eat with family, involve them in grocery shopping, kitchen chores. Take their opinion while cooking.

The family eats together stays together.

Kids food intake over the week counts, Dont punish or force them eat same quantity everyday and in every meal.

No Processed food, No packet food.

Don’t know why many professionals recommend it. And many mothers simply follow it in a thought of all nutrition’s in 1 pack.

Seriously, no it’s a marketing gimmick. Don’t fall for it. .

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE trust your hand made, homemade food 🙏🙏

I don’t say packet food is always bad but not good compared to homemade food. Offer them varieties, offer them what family eats, let them explore to staple food.

Don’t forget baby food companies pay professional to recommend their products. Protect your babies from processed food.

Baby doesn’t need baby food, It needs family to adopted for baby .

Baby needs encouragement, opportunity, time to develop new skills.

Your job is to offer nutritious food, baby will decide the quantity. Don’t force baby to eat more or finish the plate just to make you happy.

Control your emotions. Respect the baby. Be patient. .

Children eat because they are growing, they don’t grow because they eat.

Kids observe us not listen to us. The gentle parenting depends on how gentle your behaviour in front of kids.

If you eat chips and offer them fruits is not an acceptable behaviour.

Educating yourself, educating other family members is the first thing we have to do before starting weaning.

It seems simple but the results are beautiful.

You are exploring them to different textures, new sensation, hand eye coordination will improve.

Also, you are parenting an independent kid who fully aware of their emotions and they become more confident.

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