Become a Chocolatier

Chocolate is one thing ,which is liked by almost everyone
It has no age limit
How yummy it will be if you are the one who is going to make chocolate and
become Chocolatier
Mompenguin parenting group brings you free chocolate making class by lovely member of
our group Sireesha kumari
If you are not yet member of group
click here to join in
it is women only private group

Besides as yummy treat ,it can also generate income for you
when you start selling them

Ingridients for chocolate making

  • Chocolate mould

  • chocolate compounds

  • Milk compound

  • Dark compound

  • white compound

  • Marie biscuits

  • Cashew

  • Raisins

  • Badam

  • steel utensils

  • spatula

  • spoon

Where and what to buy
Chocolate molds Spatula and Chocolate compounds:
This molds has 4 star Plus rating ,and it comes with different shapes
and you can choose the one best suits your needs Happy Chocolating !!

Chocolate Compound and Spatula and other ingridents

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