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Journey of a women from middle class family to turnover in lakhs

Meet Santhosha Bojja

This story is all about a journey of a women from lower middle class to Guinness record holder
having turn over in Lakhs
Are you planning to start business?
Tired of failures?
this inspiring story is just for you

Journey of First generation Entrepreneur

Santhosha being born in financially underprivileged lower middle class family, she has one sister and brother
being elder one she has to support her parents and siblings
she recalls There were days where my Parents don’t have enough food to fed us ,even at very initial phase of my life , I started realizing my kids never should undergo all this ,and I should provide them with basic food and shelter ,whatever may be the scenario.

She was married at very young age of 18.
But soon after her marriage, Santhosha expressed her desire for pursuing higher studies to her husband, soon after her son was born .

Journey of a women from middle class family to Guinness holder
meet Santhosha bojja

She says, “my husband has been strong pillar of support in everything including supported me in pursuing higher studies.”
As IT boom was so big at that time around 2004
she want to become software engineer
But fate has different plans
She joined in Engineering collage due to their financial condition
She was not able to pay her second year fees ,that is where Sudha murthy mam funded her studies
And till now Sudha murthy mam remains her inspiration to success, and achieve great heights

Her dreams of supporting family became true after she joined as software engineer ,after
6 years as software engineer ,her medical condition forced her to quit job
She was worried but not shattered
she firmly believed she should support her family financially
So she selected beautician line ,where it needs much of physical work

She received strong resistance even from her parents and relatives
she recalls her parents and relatives saying “this job will not suit our caste ,you don’t want
to touch feet of others”, those are the times where people who failed school studies join beautician course ,many use to say even in front of me ,your inability made you to do this.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

But her husband being greatest pillar of support ,We used to say there is a women behind every success ,But in her case There is a man behind all her success.

She went to Delhi to complete her course ,and started beauty saloon “‘Elegant Hair Beauty and Makeup Studio & Academy’ with one chair and one bed in Hyderabad.

at present She was Owner of 2 saloons, Employment to 12 people.
Serving more than 5000 regular customers
Presently she have 2 Training Academies

Struggles :Her stepping stones of success

Beauty industry is one among the industry ,which received a big blow,So after a big research
she started her own new business Elegant Hand Made Products after completing cosmetic chemist course from Bangalore.
Her Intention is to manufacture Chemical Free Beauty Products.BY June 2020 she Started her Business.
Less span than 1 years She has turnover more than 1L per month, and supplying to more than 20 shops.

How she stood out from competitors

In her own words:

When I started my Beauty Saloon, all the competitors were offering uniform services and professionalism was lacking. I enriched my services by doing the following two things:

-Usage of internet and online delivery.

– Adopted latest technology that gave me an edge over others. 

– Introduced professionalism in serving the clients: Here my work experience with reputed companies like Infosys came in handy.
My clients loved my work and I have never looked back since.

The Recognition

1. Participation in Guinness Book Record Holder for Most Users in a Makeup Hangout.

2. Achieved International Book Of Record for Most Half leg wax (14 pairs) done by an individual in an half an hour

3. Received sheroes award for doing social services in covid crises by Narisena Global Women Forum

4. Achiever award – GSM Mall 2020.

5. Best Saloon Award in Telangana Rashtra Sarwabhowma Awards 2020.

6. Hybiz TV Women Leadership Award 2021 in Beauty and Fashion Category.

7. Woman Achiever Award 2021 by Narisena – Global Women Forum.

8. WOW (Wonderful Outstanding Women) Award in Beauty and Fashion Category.

9. Nomination in India’s best 500 start up awards 2020.

10. Jury member for 2 fashion shows.

11. Make over partners for:

— Miss Telangana 2020.

— Talenticaa India.

— South Indian model.

— Kids Fashion fusion week fashion show.

Still going on …

She also wants to serve the underprivileged people in the society by offering them training and opportunities that will make them financially independent.
She considered every Obstacle was a path way to Success ,and She believes every women can achieve big things in life only hunger to progress ,and desire to learn things matters..

Interview with Santhosha bojja

Our Mompenguin team wishes many more success and recognition on her way .

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